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FILL RAW Citric Acid

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This Citric Acid from Fill is the perfect all round cleaner for you home! It tackles limescales and has so many handy uses! When it's empty, send your bottle back to Plastic Freedom and we'll refill it!

Please note if you purchase the REFILL ONLY you must have an official Fill glass bottle to return to us! You must purchase your refill product before sending your bottle back to us at Plastic Freedom HQ.

I am so happy to be launching a REFILLABLE system for household cleaning products that are amazing for so many reasons...

These glass bottle products from Fill are available for you to send back to us at Plastic Freedom HQ (UK ONLY) to get them refilled as I have 200L barrels of each product all set up to refill your glass bottles - and I can send these barrels back to Fill for them to refill too! By doing this we are cutting down on A LOT of plastic waste!

Spray pumps and hand pumps are available separately which are plastic but these are designed to be used for years and not thrown away!



  • Home clean all rounder
  • Tackle limescale
  • Make your own descale & shower cleaner
  • 500g screen printed jar
  • Aluminium cap
  • Eco friendly
  • Vegan
  • Not tested on animals



    • Made in the UK
    • Family owned/run business
    • Fill's delivery driver is from Fill so he brings the barrels to us without extra packaging and has a brew with us whilst we shift them in!
    • Our 200l will be collected and reused by Fill when empty
    • All raw materials are sustainably sourced, cruelty free, vegan and biodegradable (If you have any questions or suggestions, their lab would be happy to talk to you)



    1. Descale the kettle - Half fill kettle, boil, add 2 tbsp, stand until cool.
    2. Descale the toilet - Add warm water to bowl, add 2 tbsp, leave for 1 hr +, flush.
    3. For bathroom cleaning - Add 1 tbsp to 1L water, spray on. Leave for 30 seconds, wipe off. 

    Don't use on natural stone. Test on an inconspicuous area.


    1. Order your fill product of choice
    2. Keep your box & the packaging your glass Fill bottle came in so you can send it back to us
    3. When you're finished - place your order for your refill only product (please note you must order a refill for the same product stated on your glass bottle as we can only refill with the same product. You can order other items with your refill product to save on postage!)
    4. Fill in the returns form that you receive with your bottle
    5. Print your FREE returns label by scanning the QR code in the box
    6. Package up your Fill bottle making sure you have replaced any spray lids with the standard black lid you bottle came with & include your returns form
    7. Attach the postage label and take to your box to your local Post Office
    8. As soon as we receive your bottle back we will refill and send back with all the other items on your order!

    100% Citric acid

    Please note that citric acid can become clumpy when exposed to air. It's fine to use - just break up with a spoon before use.

          Customer Reviews

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          Marie A.
          Citric acid

          Excellent many thanks made my kettle like new. With no nasty chemicals

          Nadia B.
          Fill - Citric Acid

          Great - love the jar


          Just used this for the first time to descale my kettle - did a fantastic job and without any harsh chemicals.
          Looking forward to trying this to clean other things!