Evercreatures Ankle Wellies - BristolEvercreatures Ankle Wellies - BristolEvercreatures Ankle Wellies - BristolEvercreatures Ankle Wellies - BristolEvercreatures Ankle Wellies - Bristol

Evercreatures Ankle Wellies - Bristol


When it comes to those summer festivals or wet winter months, a pair of wellies are my go to! Finding Evercreatures who create 100% natural rubber, handmade and vegan friendly wellies is a game changer! Plus they send them direct from their warehouse for us at Plastic Freedom in our specially selected plastic free packaging with paper tape!



Evercreatures has blown me away with their design and ethics, and I'm so excited to stock them! These wellies are 100% natural rubber, handmade and vegan friendly!

Fun fact - The traditional blue and white sailor stripe was originally designed so that if a sailor should fall overboard, the distinct striped pattern would act as a modern day neon jacket so they could be easily spotted amongst the waves.

Make sure you are also noticed with our very own foot fashion lifesaving Bristol design. A timeless and fashionable design, these are an absolute must have for your welly wardrobe. The simplicity of the blue and white design gives you oodles of fashion choices whilst catching the eyes of those around you at the same time. This convenient ankle length welly is great as a fashion statement as well as a welly boot.

These unique, funky and fun fashion women's wellies are a great way to keep you looking and feeling bright and cheerful whether it be rain, snow or just plain old English mud outside and all the while keeping you perfectly protected from the elements at the same time.

The natural, sustainable rubber used to make these wellies, coupled with the unique Evercreatures moulded design and padded inner means they are super soft, and comfortable enough to wear even when the elements aren't against you!

These tried and tested, funky designs give a pop of colour to your day and are great also for festivals and days out, whether strolling on the beach, a woodland haven or just a trip to the shops.


      • Handmade - Built for comfort
      • 12 Month Warranty
      • 100% Natural Rubber
      • Flexible footbed
      • Unique Sole Unit
      • Vegan Friendly
      • Wipe Clean
      • Adjustable Gusset
      • 100% Waterproof (Obviously!)
      • Fully tested to 100k Stress Steps

              SIZE CHART


              UK WOMEN'S UK MEN'S EU
              6 5 39
              7 6 40
              8 7 41
              9 8 42
              10 9 43

              10 44

              11 45

              12 46


                        Why I Love This


                        About EVERCREATURES

                        "We’re proud to be the world’s first and only plastic-free footwear company. Our truly sustainable shoes and trainers are the result of a collaboration of designers, ocean advocates, surfers, scientists and manufacturers, all committed to producing beautiful, stylish and eco-friendly footwear that leaves no trace.

                        We believe it is up to manufacturers to make the right choices, to strive for a cradle to cradle product, and not pass on the ‘ethical choice’ baton to consumers.  

                        We talk about our product in the same way behind the scenes that we do externally. And that’s how we started, with a desire to produce ethical shoes that we knew didn’t require compromise or greenwash. And that company can only be a start-up.

                        We are far from perfect, but we operate a transparent model from production through to end of life."

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