Dans Le Sac Baguette BagDans Le Sac Baguette Bag

Dans Le Sac Baguette Bag


This reusable organic bread and produce bag is perfect for trips to the market and for storing your bread / fruit and veg!


Why I Love This


Designed to bring fresh baguettes home from the bakery or the market and to store them for 2 days*. It even has a strap so you can carry it over your shoulder or on your back!

The reusable bag is able to fit 2 baguettes.

Cotton is a natural fibre that lets bread breathe. Say goodbye to mould! 

This reusable organic baguette bag is perfect for trips to the market and for storing your bread / fruit and veg!

It's big enough for loads of rolls or a sourdough which is what I normally make and it stays super fresh in this bag, without going soggy (from lack of air) or stale (from too much).

Not only do I use it for bread but I recently took it away with me for trips to the bakery in the morning and the amazing plastic free fruit market!

This reusable bag can also be used for taking home fresh fruit & veg from the greengrocers, farmers market or supermarket. These breathable bags will prolong the life of the produce compared to disposable plastic bags. They also have a handy drawstring closure.


  • 100& Natural cotton - Renewable resourced and machine washable
  • Zero waste - Sustainable product that contributes to the reduction of plastics use
  • 30" high x 7" long

    Making your own bread can save a huge amount of waste, plastic and paper and making sure you store it properly is vital.

    If you ever actually look at the ingredients in supermarket bought bread then you'll be shocked at the amount of 'extras' in there that keep it fresh long enough to get from the factories to our homes, and then last a week without going mouldy!

    My top tip for making your own bread is bake a loaf, let it cool, slice it and store in your bread bag in the freezer if you don't intend on eating it all at once!

    dans le sac

    About Dans Le Sac

    Two 20-something friends, one freelancing as a yoga teacher, photographer, artist and painter, the other studying education at university and passionate about the environment, health and food/cooking.

    One day, Stéphanie (the yoga teacher) suggested to Laurie (the "professional student") that they start making bread bags. Laurie was already composting at home (using worms!), while Stéphanie had a growing interest in the "zero waste" lifestyle. Stéphanie was also in the habit of taking a pillowcase to the corner bakery to pick up bread. When she got back home, she realized that the pillowcase wasn't the most ideal esthetic choice!

    They decided to look on the Internet for a product that would be suitable in both practical and esthetic terms, but found nothing that met their criteria. 

    Equipped with only a sewing machine and plenty of naivete, they went to Montreal's famous Rue Chabanel to buy fabric. They then began producing the prototype of what is now their reusable bread bag. 

    Embracing entrepreneurship was a thrilling and surprising (and stressful) adventure for these two young women, who had no prior business experience. Although they're still at the learning stage, they're having loads of fun! 

    No longer studying at university, Laurie is now focusing her efforts on their flourishing company. Meanwhile, Stéphanie has to turn down certain contract requests because demand is so high and people are so receptive to this new lifestyle choice (YEAH!).

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