Conscious Skincare Abyssinian Oil - 100ml
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Conscious Skincare Abyssinian Oil - 100ml


I have been looking for plastic free skincare for for so long! When I found Conscious Skincare and I saw their range I couldn't wait to stock it!


Why I Love This


I have been looking for plastic free skincare for mature skin for so long! When I found Conscious Skincare and I saw their range I couldn't wait to stock it! I am always expanding my ranges and I know so many of you are struggling to find eco friendly alternatives and I am forever trying to expand my range so if you know of any please let me know!

This 100% pure, cold pressed Abyssinian oil is a really new and exciting oil. It has unique properties making it suitable as both a face oil and a hair oil.s.


  • Excellent moisturizing properties which help promote skin suppleness, softness and wrinkle reduction.
  • It is ideal for spraying as a light facial oil, and its unique properties help to form an effective barrier against your skin drying out. Also great for retaining moisture during winter months.
  • Abyssinian oil adds lustre to dull and lifeless skin, giving your skin a more youthful appearance.
  • A great dual purpose oil, Abyssinian oil is similar in nature to Argan oil. When used as a hair oil it is easily absorbed, giving a boost to shine and condition. With a high percentage of Omega-9 fatty acid it helps to give hair a glossy feel, making it a great oil for dry hair.
  • This natural oil provides your hair with protection against the elements and assists in detangling. Abyssinian oil is becoming increasing popular as a natural way to add shine and lustre without using chemical alternatives such as silicone based products. When used as a hair oil it also helps with manageability.
  • Also known as crambe abyssinica, Abyssinian oil has a very faint woody aroma which is both pleasant and subtle. It is pale yellow in colour and absorbs very easily with a nice viscosity.



  • Re-energises
  • Gently moisturises and refreshes skin
  • Soothing and calming for skin
  • Smooth finish
  • Enriches skin complexion
  • Natural and Plant-based ingredients
  • Vegan friendly
  • Cruelty free
  • Plastic free packaging
  • Re-usable / Recyclable packaging



    1. Use mornings and at night, as required
    2. Press pump twice / pour a little and apply oil to fingertips
    3. Gently massage onto face where skin requires particular attention
    4. Allow oil to sink into skin
    5. Blot off any excess with a tissue
    6. You can also use on your neck and decolletage



    1. Before taking a bath or shower put a little oil on your hair and massage through so it becomes evenly distributed from tips to roots. Use a brush or comb if it helps
    2. Wrap your head in a warm towel for some time before washing hairThoroughly wash your hair and condition using Conscious Skincare organic shampoo and conditioner
    3. If you prefer a less intensive hair treatment – A few drops of oil can be applied to a brush or comb to add lustre and shine instead of wet gels (for example), but be careful not to add too much!


            Cold pressed crambe seed oil

            Caution: as this oil is derived from a nut, it may not be suitable for those with nut allergies.

                  conscious skincare

                  About Conscious Skincare

                  "I created the Conscious Skincare range as I suffered with very dry skin as a result of hypothyroidism. Nothing in the marketplace came close to helping. All the products I tried, even organic skincare made using natural ingredients, were simply not rich enough.

                  Talking with family and friends, I discovered many of them had suffered allergic reactions to mainstream skincare. In more recent years my partner, Quentin developed chemical sensitivity and suffered a severe allergic reaction leading to him being hospitalized. It really focused our attention on ingredients and the modern toxic world that surrounds us.

                  These events inspired me to create a high quality organic skincare brand. One built with an ethical philosophy, from the sourcing of ingredients to the eco friendly packaging we use.

                  When we handcraft our skincare it is with one primary purpose – to be great for your skin. Our products are made to enrich and enhance different skin types and may also help with any ailments that your skin may have.

                  We select recycled or recyclable materials such as glass, aluminium and paper for all our packaging requirements. ‘Going the extra mile’ means using items like biodegradable jiffy bags, acid-free tissue paper and unbleached paper packing tape (made without solvents). We also use corn starch packing fill that naturally composts!

                  Many companies like to pay lip service to some of these green and eco ‘buzzwords’, but at Conscious Skincare, we like to put them into practice!

                  We have a strict no animal testing approach which we verify in our supply chain. We only select suppliers who practice the same high, ethical standards that we do.

                  I am thrilled that our products have gained recognition in the natural and organic marketplace and have won numerous awards. Getting accreditation from the Vegetarian Society, PETA and Cruelty Free International were all really important milestones for us."

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