Bio Scents Rosemary & Eucalyptus Wax Melts - x9 Pack

Bio Scents Rosemary & Eucalyptus Wax Melts - x9 Pack


I can not believe I have finally come across an incredible brand! Bio Scents have brought out new wax melts, which smell amazing!



I can not believe I have finally come across an incredible brand! Bio Scents have brought out new wax melts, which smell amazing!

Need to study for an exam or really concentrate on work today? Rosemary & Eucalyptus are known to increase concentration and help you focus. Not only that, it smells like you're not behind your laptop but enjoying a spa day instead!

What are wax melts?

They are basically a scented candle, but different! They are pieces of scented wax without a wick, that are melted instead of burned. By melting instead of burning them, the oils are vaporated into the air, fragrancing your room, without burning the oils and burning the wax. So if you're hating the layer of wax on all your furniture, this is your solution!

How long do they last?

These wax melts are +/- 10 grams each, and the scent will last about 6-8 hours per piece. After the scent has gone, simply let the wax harden again and take it out of your oil burner. This works easiest if you have a smooth surface, as the wax will slide right out.


  • Hand poured in Portugal

  • 100% plastic free

  • Vegan friendly

  • Cruelty free

  • Scented with organic essential oils


  • rapeseed wax, organic rosmarinus officinalis essential oil, organic eucalyptus globulus labillardiere essential oil, organic dried rosemary, organic dried eucalyptus leaves.
        HOW TO USE
          • Because they are rapeseed wax, their melting point is higher than other waxes like soy and beeswax. It's therefore important that you use a small oil burner so the maximum distance between the cup and the tealight is 5cm. If your oil burner is bigger or higher, just place the tealight on something to bring the flame closer to the cup.

              Why I Love This

              I only stock brands that I use myself so you know when you order from Plastic Freedom, you already have that trust that it's been tried and tested!


              About Bio Scents

              When Emilie got in touch with me from Bio Scents we just couldn't stop sharing ideas because she was creating some of the best ingredients packaged in a way that I knew was going to be a hit with everyone and really reduce a lot of plastic! She was so open to suggestions about the packaging and now has little boxes for the essential oils, an aluminum lid option for the body oils and I can't wait to see what she creates over the years!

              Based in the south of Portugal, Bio Scents offer a range of beautifully designed, high quality home and body scents made of natural and mainly organic materials that have been carefully selected. Bio Scents’ simple and redolent products support a healthy body, mind and spirit, by bringing a natural scent to your home and body.

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