Evolve Beauty

Evolve Beauty is a brand that has got me all sorts of giddy for so many reasons... Not only do they create products that you will actually die for, but they make so many incredible options that just have not been available plastic free before!

Evolve create organic and vegan products that will leave you glowing, smooth, buffed and protected from the sun throughout their range!

Evolve also offer an aluminum lid options for so many products (and this will continue to be expanded across the range) so I will be offering these as standard with the option to add on a pump/spray lid that you can use for all future bottles!

For anything that currently contains plastic on their packaging it is made from post-consumer plastic and it's recyclable too which a lot aren't! As much as I fight against plastic production & plastic products, I also believe that plastic should be given another life where possible because it already exists, especially for products that I have been unable to find in glass currently as it saves virgin plastic being made for another product

AND their new studio is eco friendly and sustainable with 100% wind power and low energy lighting... I hope you're starting to feel those butterflies like I did when I discovered them!