Plastic Freedom Loves


The problem with disposable BBQ's living in a beach town is something I see daily, from the thin plastic wrap around them to the bbq's themselves being left behind it really made me think about how I could offer something for those who want the convenience of a one-time use BBQ, without all of the plastic...

Then I found Casus Grill and I was blown away! The thing I love about these is that they are not only eco friendly (keep reading to find out allll about that) but it's easy to light, ready to use within 5 minutes and gives an hour of grill time. They also look amazing so can be used anywhere from heading to your mates if they don't have a BBQ, the beach or the park!

"CasusGrill™ is an award-winning Danish innovation company with a green DNA and passion to make a difference for our planet earth. We aim to combine sustainability and smart functional design to re-design and make green transformation of existing products which we use every day in life."
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